Frequently Asked Questions

How much does one subject cost?

We work on a basic rate of R300 per subject per term, because this is a study course, versus just buying a book online. The tutor fees and pdf download, as well as assignment, exam and assessment by an experienced ordained minister, is worth the investment.

How long does it take to complete one subject? 

Each subject takes a term of 8 weeks to complete, unless otherwise stated such as the Life of Christ subject, which takes 4 terms.

How many subjects can I take at a time? 

A suggestion is a minimum of one subject, and a maximum of 9 over a term. More than that will prevent one from absorbing the valuable revelation including in the study notes.

How much time do I need to study one subject?

If you spend two hours a week on a subject, including watching the class video and doing the allocating Bible reading, manual notes and assignment research, then you will cover the entire subject course work in a term.

Are you accredited?

Miracle Bible Training Centre is the training division of Harvester International Ministries which includes a global network of churches. Graduates have access to this network and options for ordination in ministry, as well as opportunity for church planting.